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Music Cover Art, Summer 2020

Digital Art

Various music produciton projects led me to develop these cover/album art images.

Objects & Environments

Hand Drawing

I took some time to improve my hand drawing skills. I decided to focus on objects and environments as that would help me develop concepts for animations as well.



This is one of the most complex 3D models I have made thus far. Additionally, I also modeled the background which is supposed to represent the interior of the Tantive IV (the ship of the opening scene) from Star Wars: A New Hope. This project made use of all of...



This project was my first fully rendered animation. It totals a length of 1:42 minutes. It was a project done to pay homage to the Daredevil series that aired on Netflix. This was a milestone project in which I had to apply all my art skills together including: 3D modeling,...

Majora’s Mask


This is the titular mask from the game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It was the first 3D object I sculpted. I learned how to use the 3D sculpting tools while making a model that was familiar to me.